Energy consulting (for buildings)

An energy consulting basically aims to achieve possible energy savings. Thereby the actual status is ascertained and one or more proposals are made to save energy.

Possible boundary conditions are the building fabric, the monument, the cost, technical feasibility, environmental impact, but also sustainability, acceptability and comfort. In order to determine the actual status as accurately as necessary, thermography, power consumption measurements, blower door measurement or endoscopy can be used. The Energy Consulting does not always include the entire building, it can also be completely customized for specific topics.

Energy management


Due to the change of climate and the environmental policy - from scarcity of energy resources and growing environmental problems - it is essential that both companies and local authorities decide to carry out an energy management to counteract the growing pressure in terms of energy efficiency.

An energy management is the sum of all planned and carried out measures to ensure minimal energy use at the required performance. It influences both technical and organizational processes and personal behaviors to reduce overall energy consumption and improve energy efficiency continuously while taking care of economic standpoints. The management can be supported by a software system.

Energy management system

An energy management system (EnMS) is similar to management systems for safety, quality, or for buildings and facilities. It should not be considered in isolation, but be planned and implemented simultaneously with other systems.
It is a systematic way to record the existing energy consumption levels and energy flows. Through its systematic approach it can provide the basis for investment decisions.

Once the necessary information and organizational structures are installed, it enables its users - while taking account of statutory or other framework - to improve the energy performance continuously. The DIN EN 16001, which is based on the environmental management standard ISO 14001, describes the requirements for a formal EnMS. It is however free to set up your own system.

Our input

We support you in the introduction of an energy management system and the maintenance or improvement of your system.

Taking into account the rules you have set, we develop a project plan. This includes not only the definition of objectives and tasks, but the time schedule with agreed milestones. These include:

Ascertainment of status

A complete overview of the status quo will be created. From this all technical and social dependencies, all measuring points and energy flows, and consumption are recognizable.

Action planning

Based on the ascertainment potential measures can be developed. These are organized by their characters. The following characters are taken into account:

  • technical claim
  • cost volume
  • implementation period

The advantage of this characterization is that individual and group measures can be transposed purposefully.


All consumptions are checked for their necessity and will be eliminated if possible.


Potential savings can be derived from technical and social dependencies, which contributes to an improved ecological balance.


The purchasing of power (electricity, fuel etc.) is questioned about effort, merging and amount. The possibility and the desire for self-supply is considered here.


An often underestimated point is the necessary documentation. Only through it, it is possible to present and control all possible relationships in their entirety. In addition to the internal information function, the documentation has additional strengths for effective advertising and public relations.

Our goal is to achieve an optimally tailored implementation of the task for you.

It is important to us to show that

  • without rethinking it does not work,
  • eschewal does not equal loss of comfort means
  • the constant switching between detail and clarity is nessessary and
  • that correspondingly high cost savings can be achieved through meaningful investments.
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