Über uns


Our company was founded in 2010. At this time our staff consist of three engineers.
Funding was provided by the state of Lower Saxony as part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and by the district Friesland and the town of Schortens.


As engineers we have more than 20 years of experience in the areas of plant and special mechanical engineering aquired in the automotive and aircraft industries. This experience covers both the management of projects as well as the conduct of staff.

In addition to different trainings as technicians and subsequent studies in electrical engineering, we have qualifications in the areas of project, personnel, risk and lean management, quality assurance, implementation and application of the Machinery Directive (Maschinenrichtlinie), robot and system programming and the compilation of system documentation, including the declaration of conformity.

Certified as a representative for CE machines (TSG)
Certified under the terms of Document 017 of the SCC (Occupational health and safety)
Certified as occupational safety specialist
Certified in EPLAN Basis I und II

Listed and registered as Energy Efficiency Expert for several federal funding programs
External link to expert list

Listed and registered as Energy Auditor (BAFA) External link to auditor list

Professional developments

Health and Safety on Construction Sites (VBG)
Workplace Planning and Design (VBG)
Hotspots of Window Installation (energiekonsens)
Minding health risks in buildings (VBG)
Room climate measurements (VBG)
Creation of a ventilation concept according to DIN 1946-6
Mould fungus restoration (TÜV-Süd)
Lighting planning for companies (energiekonsens)
Energy assessment of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems (ZUB)
Process optimisation with focus on motors and drive systems (energiekonsens)
Efficient usage of coldness (energiekonsens)
Innovations in the field of compressed air (energiekonsens)
Air condition bascics (Kampmann)
New funding guidelines for heat pumps (bwp)

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