Service offer

Project Development

  • Project management
    In managing a project, we like to take the human, technical and financial responsibility for the timely and quality-oriented implementation.
  • Projekt monitoring and support
    We support you in each project phase or in individual project topics. We also assist you in controlling issues.
  • Project planning
    Each project is only as good as planned. Here lays the foundation for a desired project success. In this preparation, we want to ensure an optimal access to the project for you.
Automation and mechanical engineering
  • Concept definition
    If you already know what you want but not how to implement it, we will help you to develop a concept for a possible job request or for a construction starting block.
  • Construction
    We offer the creation of electrical or mechanical construction or parts of it. In addition, the visualization or the creation of databases is possible.
  • Training
    We organize or carry out the qualifications of your staff on the operation of new facilities.
  • Documentation and declaration of conformity
    We can assist you with the elaboration of documentation and prepare the declaration of conformity to the signature stage. Here we observe that there is no discrepancy between the machine and operating policy regulation.

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